Lawn Aeration Service in Des Moines

Core Lawn aeration is one of best things you can do for your lawn. Using a lawn aeration service as part of a regular weed control program is very important because it will help break up compacted soil, allowing nutrients to reach the roots quicker, which in turn helps produce a healthier lawn. At Brilliant Borders, we believe this is an invaluable service for all lawns in the greater Des Moines area. Our soil becomes very compacted due to the changes in weather we experience.

Example of properly aerated lawn

Not only will a professional lawn aeration service boost how quickly nutrients are absorbed by your lawn’s roots, but there will also be enhanced air exchange, better water absorption into the soil and a thicker lawn, which in turn reduces the chances of attracting weeds, diseases and insects.

A lawn aeration service is incredibly important if you have an active family utilizing your outdoor space. Having kids and pets run around will compact your soil leading to puddles of water and thinning grass.

If you have noticed thinning grass, puddles of water or any other signs of compacted soil, contact our team at Brilliant Borders. We will discuss our different lawn aeration services and determine which one will best suit your needs. We look forward to helping your lawn look the best it ever has.