Core aeration is a beneficial lawn care service for lawns in Iowa that struggle with soil compaction. This service involves pulling up plugs of soil to loosen compaction and allow nutrients and other resources to easily reach the roots of your grass. However, it can be stressful if performed at the wrong time, so it is best scheduled in September or October when your cool-season lawn is strong enough to withstand it and recover in time for winter. You should also schedule it every year during these months to ensure your lawn has optimal access to everything it needs to stay healthy and green.

What is core aeration, and how does it benefit your lawn?

Has your lawn ever looked weak and continued to do so despite efforts to improve its health? If so, the soil might be compacted, which inhibits essential resources from penetrating the surface and reaching your lawn's roots. That's where core aeration comes in. Core aeration is a lawn care service that involves perforating the surface and pulling up 2-to 3-inch plugs of dirt to loosen hard, compacted soil. Aerating your lawn enables nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to flow through effortlessly and reach the roots of your grass. It also promotes the development of more robust and deeper roots by improving your lawn's access to vital resources, allowing it to withstand stressful conditions!

The process of aerating your lawn leaves behind hundreds of cores, or plugs, of soil. It's best to leave them as is because they eventually decompose, which returns beneficial nutrients to your soil that will help boost your lawn's health.

Why should core aeration be scheduled in September or October in Iowa?

Core aeration can be an invasive process and should only be done when your grass can endure it. Here in Iowa, cool-season lawns are at their strongest in the fall and can tolerate being perforated, which is why you should schedule it in September or October. Aerating your lawn during these months ensures it can handle the process and still have enough time to recover before winter arrives and goes dormant. The soil is also likely compacted in the fall after all the foot and machine traffic throughout summer. By aerating in the fall, you can immediately address soil compaction and give your grass some much-needed reprieve!

Do you need to schedule core aeration every year during these months?

If you want your lawn in Iowa to have the best chance at thriving, you should schedule core aeration every year in September or October. With all the activity your lawn sees, the soil can easily get compacted, and it will be unable to access the resources it requires to survive and thrive. The roots are the lifeline that delivers nutrients to your grass, and it is crucial to ensure they have no problem absorbing everything they need. By incorporating core aeration into your yearly lawn care routine, you can rest assured that your grass can effortlessly access vital nutrients that promote robust, dense, and lush growth. It will also be strong enough to fight off stressors like lawn diseases and insects!

You can go the extra mile for your lawn by pairing core aeration with overseeding every year to introduce new grass growth and eliminate any bare patches.

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