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Mulch Installation Service in Waukee, West Des Moines, Urbandale, IA & Neighboring Areas

Our team offers high-quality mulch in different colors for your landscape beds.

A great way to take the visual appeal of your landscape beds to the next level and bolster the health of your plants is to install mulch. Here at Brilliant Borders Landscaping, we offer a mulch installation service to help do just that! When installing mulch, we'll apply the right amount to provide optimal benefits and spread it evenly across your landscape beds for a nice, manicured look. We also offer high-quality cedar, brown, and black mulch options, and you can choose which best flatters your aesthetic tastes! Since mulch decomposes over time, we recommend scheduling this service every year so we can replenish your ground cover and ensure your plants reap the intended benefits.

Our team offers our mulch installation service to commercial and residential properties in Waukee, IA, and surrounding areas like West Des Moines and Urbandale. With our 19 years of experience, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional results for your landscape. Give us a call today at (515) 664-6205 to sign up for this service!

We will install the right amount of mulch in your landscape beds.

Installing mulch sounds easy enough, but you want it done right to get the best results. When you work with our professionals, we will exercise precision to ensure your mulch ground cover is installed correctly. We'll use the right amount of mulch so your ground cover is at the optimal thickness for maximum effectiveness; it should be around 2-3 inches thick, as anything more can smother your plants, while anything less won't provide all the intended benefits. We'll also pay close attention when spreading the mulch to cover your landscape beds evenly for a neat, manicured look.

Our experts will leave enough space around the base of your plants when installing mulch to prevent suffocating them!

What mulch options do we offer?

Adding mulch to your landscape beds is a great way to elevate their beauty while providing amazing health benefits to your plants. Because of this, we want to ensure we use only the best products. Our landscaping experts use cedar, brown, and black mulch for our installations. While you can't go wrong with any of these options, you can choose which matches the look you want to achieve with your landscape. For example, cedar mulch will bring natural colors that complement your beds, while brown and black will bring darker, contrasting colors that make your plants and flowers stand out!

How often should you reschedule our mulch installation service?

Over time, your mulch ground cover will decompose, meaning it'll lose its beneficial properties. Because of this, we recommend scheduling our mulch installation service every year to have it replenished! Spring is an ideal time to schedule this service so your landscape beds are well-prepped for the summer season, though you can also do so in the fall to help them survive winter. By scheduling our mulch installation service annually, you can rest easy knowing your landscape stays pristine and your plants remain in optimal health!

Call us today to schedule our mulch installation service!

Mulch is a versatile addition that offers both aesthetic and health benefits to your landscape. If you're planning to add it to your landscape beds, look no further than our mulch installation service. Our team at Brilliant Borders Landscaping offers this service to commercial and residential properties in Waukee, West Des Moines, Urbandale, IA, and nearby communities. Schedule this service by calling us today at (515) 664-6205!

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