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Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in Johnston, IA

Our team can give your lawn much-needed TLC, maintain and beautify your landscape, install hardscapes, and more.

Johnston, IA, is a city in Polk County with a population nearing 24,200. Johnston is part of the Des Moines metropolitan area and is a fast-growing suburb boasting a top-notch educational system and several recreational spots. For example, there are over a dozen parks here, including Terra Park and Lew Clarkson Park. You can also take the kids to Bob Shetler Picnic Area for a fun-filled day on Saylorville Lake. Another popular spot is the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum, which showcases exhibits of the state's military past.

At Brilliant Borders Landscaping, we proudly offer high-quality lawn care and landscaping services for residential and commercial properties in Johnston, IA. Our team can give your lawn much-needed TLC, maintain and beautify your landscape to keep it in tip-top condition, install hardscapes, and more!

Say hello to a beautiful, healthy lawn with our lawn care services!

Professional testing soil in a lawn in Johnston, IA.

At Brilliant Borders Landscaping, we're pros at everything lawn care and will have you saying hello to a beautiful, healthy turf in no time! We'll nourish your grass throughout the year and keep weeds from invading. Meanwhile, lawn diseases like red thread and fairy ring and insects like grubs and chinch bugs will become problems of the past.

Our team wants to get your lawn at its healthiest, which starts at its foundation - the soil. So, we'll test it to gauge its pH and nutrient levels. If its pH is unbalanced, we'll utilize lime treatments to rectify it. Our crew will also loosen soil compaction to improve nutrient access to your turf's roots, plus make your grass thicker and denser. Here's a complete list of all the lawn care services we offer:

We Can Install Patios, Fire Pits, Retaining Walls & Other Hardscapes

Hardscape features are just what you need to transform your outdoor space in Johnston, IA, which is where we come in! We can install a patio to encourage central gathering, and we'll use highly durable and beautiful materials like limestone, flagstone, concrete pavers, and more! We can also add a matching walkway and outdoor steps to make it more convenient to navigate your property.

Our crew can construct a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to keep you warm on chilly evenings here in Johnston, which can be either wood, gas, or propane-burning. We can also remedy soil erosion and create more flat, usable space on your property with a retaining wall, then add an outdoor kitchen and a seating wall for a functional outdoor space! Our hardscape installation services are as follows:

Take your landscape up a notch with our professional landscaping services.

Rock ground covering added to a landscape bed in Johnston, IA.

If you want to take your landscape up a notch, look no further than our professional landscaping services! We'll ensure your property looks beautiful by installing new softscape elements or renovating your existing ones, then add plants to breathe new life into them. We can even construct concrete edging around your landscape beds and install a mulch or rock ground cover.

Your plants are focal points on your property in Johnston, IA, and our crew wants to ensure they are in optimal condition. So, we'll regularly fertilize your trees and shrubs, tackle diseases and insect infestations, and perform trimming and pruning. We can also provide drainage and grading solutions to stop water from pooling near the foundation of your home or business.

We offer a holiday lighting service to bring festive cheer to your home or business in Johnston, IA, for the holiday season.

We Offer Commercial Services for Businesses in Johnston, IA

Maintaining the lawn and landscape on your commercial property can take up the time you'd otherwise spend on your business. Fortunately, we're here to help take these tasks off your hands! We offer commercial lawn care services to bolster your turf's pristine condition, including fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more. We'll also handle maintenance, like lawn mowing and leaf removal, plus landscaping, so your business in Johnston, IA, can make a positive first impression on employees and customers. We can even remove snow during the winter and install a patio, seating wall, outdoor fireplace, and other hardscape features. Our commercial services are as follows:

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If you want to leave all your lawn care and landscaping needs to the professionals, look no further than our team at Brilliant Borders Landscaping! We offer lawn care, hardscape installation, and landscaping services to residential and commercial property owners in Johnston, IA. Call us today at (515) 664-6205 to sign up for any of them!

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