Without a doubt, fertilization is one of the most essential parts of lawn care and should be done multiple times throughout the year to maintain your lawn's tip-top health and attractive appearance. One of the most important times during the year to fertilize your grass is in the fall. Fall fertilization will replenish your lawn's supply of nutrients after having used up most of its stored energy to survive the challenging summer season. It also helps to prepare your grass for the freezing winter in Iowa. These nutrients will carry your lawn through dormancy and help it bounce back in the spring so it can start the new growing season on the right foot.

Fertilizing in the fall will help your lawn recover from the summer heat.

The summer heat can be detrimental to the health of your lawn, and a fertilization treatment in the fall is the best way to help it recover! During summer, your lawn will consume a lot of its energy to withstand the heat, and this treatment will replenish the nutrients it used up. Lawn fertilizers contain essential nutrients that play a key role in rejuvenating your grass after suffering from the stress of the summer heat, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. By providing this nourishment, your lawn will have everything it needs to regain its strength, develop stronger roots, and improve its color.

Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall Will Help Prepare It for Winter

Another reason to fertilize your lawn in the fall is to help it prepare for the winter. Your grass takes a heavy beating from the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures brought by the winter season, and lawn fertilization will give it the nourishment it needs to survive this taxing time. Nutrients from fertilizers help fortify your lawn's root system, allowing it to absorb nutrients and giving it a good foundation to get through dormancy.

Applying a fertilizer treatment in the fall will also ensure your grass can store up a big supply of nutrients that it can feed off of throughout the winter season. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer treatment is best in the fall because it helps ensure your grass is strong enough to stay alive in the winter without stimulating growth, especially when conditions are rough.

Weed control treatments pair nicely with fertilization in the fall because it ensures your grass has no competition with weeds for precious nutrients.

A nutrient-packed fertilizer treatment in the fall will help your grass bounce back in the spring.

As the temperatures warm up in the spring, your lawn will slowly emerge out of winter dormancy to enter the new growing season, and it will need plenty of nutrients to do this successfully. A nourishing fertilization treatment in the fall will give your lawn the best chance of bouncing back in the spring because it didn't suffer as much during winter as it would've without the extra nutrient boost! By providing the right mix of nutrients in the fall, your grass can survive winter and have the resources it needs to green up quickly and start growing again in the spring.

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