If you want a healthy and green lawn in the spring, aerate and overseed it in the fall! Aeration involves pulling up plugs of soil to alleviate compaction and improve the movement of nutrients, water, air, and sunlight so that they can reach the roots of your grass. Meanwhile, overseeding entails spreading seeds on your lawn to fill bare patches with new grass, making it lusher and denser. Scheduling these lawn care services in the fall sets up your lawn in Iowa for success by allowing it to get strong, establish a robust root system, build up its resistance, and bolster healthy grass growth. This way, your lawn will be in great shape to come out of winter dormancy and emerge in the spring for the new growing season.

What is aeration, and what benefits does it provide to your lawn?

Soil compaction is a common issue that all lawns struggle with, inhibiting nutrients from penetrating the soil. It limits the access of essential resources to the roots of your grass that help it grow strong, leaving it weak and vulnerable. Core aeration addresses compaction by pulling up plugs of soil and creating tiny holes in the ground. The process allows your lawn to breathe and creates channels where nutrients, water, air, and sunlight can pass through to reach its roots.

By improving your lawn's access to nutrients and essential resources, it can develop deeper and stronger roots. You'll want your lawn to have a vigorous root system so it can endure stressful conditions and survive the winter season. Fall is the best time to schedule aeration because cool-season lawns thrive during this season and can tolerate the invasive process. Your lawn can also recover from being perforated before it goes dormant in the winter.

What is overseeding, and how does it benefit your lawn?

Patchy lawns are an eyesore; if yours is one, then overseeding is the lawn care service you need! Overseeding involves spreading seeds over your entire lawn to bring in new growth that will fill in any bare patches. This will restore its pristine appearance by making it lusher and thicker! Aside from providing your lawn with unmatched aesthetic benefits, overseeding also helps boost its resilience. A denser and thicker lawn is better equipped to resist lawn diseases, insect infestations, and other stressors like drought and extreme cold.

Overseeding your lawn directly after core aeration allows the seeds to fall into the holes created, giving them optimal soil contact and increasing successful germination.

How does scheduling aeration and overseeding in the fall benefit your lawn in the spring?

If you want to set up your lawn for success in the spring, then aeration and overseeding are lawn care services that you should not skip in the fall. Allowing the roots of your grass to get easy access to nutrients, water, air, and sunlight through aeration ensures its survival in the winter. It enables your lawn to absorb and store sufficient nutrients so it has enough to feed off of during dormancy and as it emerges in the spring, helping it green up quicker and start the new growing season healthy.

Meanwhile, overseeding in the fall will provide ideal conditions for the seeds to germinate, establish their roots, and grow into grass before winter. When spring arrives, your lawn will be lush and green. What's more, introducing new grass growth in the fall helps to reduce the number of weeds that will pop up in the spring and puts your turf in an excellent position to survive the approaching summer months.

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