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Top-Tier Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in Polk City, IA

We can give your lawn much-needed TLC, maintain your landscape, install hardscapes, and more.

Polk City, IA, is in Polk County and has over 5,700 people calling it home. This charming, rural town sits along Saylorville Lake, where you can fish, boat, and enjoy other recreational activities. You can also go to Big Creek State Park, which has a beach area for swimming, golf at the Tournament Club of Iowa golf course, and take the kids to Lost Lake Park.

At Brilliant Borders Landscaping, we offer top-tier lawn care and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties in Polk City, IA. Our team can give your lawn some much-needed TLC, install hardscapes to enhance your outdoor living space, maintain your landscape, and more!

Keep your grass in tip-top shape with our lawn care services.

If you want to keep your grass in tip-top shape, our team is here to help do just that! We can test your soil to determine the precise levels of nutrients present and what it lacks so that we can tailor our fertilization treatments to the specific needs of your lawn in Polk City, IA. We can also protect it from weeds, diseases, and insects so they don't cause problems, then loosen soil compaction to help resources reach the roots of your grass. Our lawn care services include the following:

Boast a Beautiful, Well-Maintained Property With Our Landscaping Services

Keeping your property in Polk City, IA, beautiful and well-maintained takes a lot of work, but we're here to take it off your hands! From designing your landscape and installing sod to keeping your trees and shrubs at their best - our crew is your one-stop shop for all of it. Additionally, we can install new landscape beds or renovate existing ones, then fill them with plants like daylilies, hostas, asters, and more. We can also make your softscapes stand out that much more with a mulch or rock ground cover and concrete edging! Here are all the landscaping services we offer:

We offer a holiday lighting service to save you the trouble of decorating your home or business in Polk City, IA, for the holiday season!

We can install patios, outdoor fireplaces, driveways, and other hardscapes.

Do you want to enhance your outdoor space in Polk City, IA? If so, we can help by installing various hardscape features. We can build a patio where you can spend time outdoors, while a fire pit or outdoor fireplace will provide warmth when the weather gets chilly. On the other hand, we can also construct an outdoor kitchen so you can cook delicious meals outside and a seating wall to provide durable, built-in places to sit. Our comprehensive list of hardscape installation services is as follows:

Our Commercial Services

We offer several commercial services to properties in Polk City, IA. Our team can handle all your lawn care and maintenance needs to improve the health and appearance of your grass so that it looks appealing to customers and employees. Additionally, we're experts at commercial landscaping, where we can do anything from adding mulch and plants to your softscape beds to providing drainage and grading solutions to remedy flooding problems. Not only that, but we can even construct functional hardscapes and remove snow during the winter here in Polk City. We offer the following commercial services:

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At Brilliant Borders Landscaping, we offer lawn care and landscaping services to homes and businesses in Polk City, IA. Whether you need lawn fertilization, sod installation, patio construction, or anything in between - we've got you covered. Call us at (515) 664-6205 to sign up today!

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