Grub Control in Des Moines

One of the most noticeable insects invading Des Moines area homes is the white grub. Almost all recreational and professional gardeners have seen larvae from white grubs in their soil. Whether you have added in new plants or gotten your vegetable garden ready for the upcoming season, we are sure that you have seen white grubs before. White grubs can cause damage to your lawn, which is why Brilliant Borders believes in the importance of regular grub control for all homes in the Des Moines area.

White Grub on a shovel

These pesky white grubs feed on plant roots and turf, turning small patches of grass to brown and in turn, killing those patches. Our team of experienced lawn care professionals will inspect your yard for any signs of white grubs, and then spot treat the affected areas. This is a service available as an add-on to our five-step weed control program.

If you are interested in having the team at Brilliant Borders inspect your local lawn for white grubs and complete a five step weed control program, contact us today!