Five Step Weed Control Program

Weed Control Application

We consistently hear from our residential clients is that they cannot control the weeds in their lawn. Because of that, Brilliant Borders offers five & six step weed control programs for all Des Moines area residential homes.

When the weather gets warmer and ground temperatures increase, weeds begin to germinate and grow in your lawn. In Des Moines, homeowners have several different types of weeds that can constantly show up in their yard. At Brilliant Borders, our team is trained on how to eliminate all types of weeds without killing your grass. Brilliant Borders specializes in 5 & 6 step residential weed control & fertilization programs that will eliminate crabgrass, dandelions, clover, creeping charlie and all other sorts of broadleaf weeds.

Our 5 step weed control program includes:

1. Early Spring Application: Our early spring fertilizer & pre-emergent application will help your lawn roots be fed and it helps prevent weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. In addition, early spring applications help support your lawn in recovering from the depravation it experienced during the winter months.
2. Spring Application: Our late spring weed control application helps eliminate crabgrass, dandelions and a variety of other weeds that will pop up.
3. Early Summer Application:  Our early summer application is a slow release fertilizer application and weed control. By continuing to have your lawn serviced during the summer, your lawn will get the needed nutrients that helps it fight against the stress of summer and continue to control weeds.
4. Late Summer Application: Our late summer application consists of a moderate fertilizer with weed control. This is the time to target the difficult to control weeds such as creeping charlie & wild violet. 
5. Fall Application: Our fall application is a slow release fertilizer that that will prepare your lawn for for the winter and also help it green up faster in the spring. 

In addition to the 5 step residential weed control program, Brilliant Borders also offers additional services to help give your lawn some additional love. 

We also offer the following residential services in the Des Moines area:

Grub Control: This is normally added as a 6th step to our residential weed control & fertilization program. This is an insecticide that stops grubs before they start. 
Core Aeration: Core Aeration helps break up compacted soil and allows nutrients to reach the roots quicker, producing a healthier lawn.
Over-Seeding: Over seeding combined with aeration will provide the thick, much lawn that you want. The over seeding is generally done in the fall with a high quality seed.

If you are interested in taking to one of our team members about how the five step lawn care program would benefit your lawn, call us today!