Des Moines Site Management

Des Moines Site Management Program

At Brilliant Borders, we offer site management to all Des Moines area businesses. When a local business signs up for our site management services, they are entrusting Brilliant Borders to handle all their outdoor lawn care needs. Our site management services includes all the following, plus a little more! 

Mowing: We will keep your grass at the perfect height throughout the year. 

Fertilization & Weed Control: Our program ensures that your lawn has the correct nutrients to help it thrive throughout all the extreme weather that Des Moines experiences. We also spray and pull all weeds in your landscape beds to keep your outdoor space weed free.

Snow Removal & Ice Control: We stay ahead of Iowa’s winters and use state of the art techniques to keep your lot & walkways snow and ice free.

Tree/Shrub Trimming: By participating in regular tree/shrub trimming, your trees/shrubs will remain healthy, beautiful and safe.

Spring Clean Up: We will work to clean up leaves, lawn debris, eliminate snow mold, cut back perennials and begin fertilizing your lawn.

Fall Clean Up: Our team will clean up leaves, prune trees and shrubs, winterize irrigation systems and get your shrubs and trees ready for the winter months.

Aeration: Aerating your lawn will help your turf roots thrive and your grass will look better and be healthier.

Irrigation: We will control the amount of water to the plants and lawn on your commercial property to help maintain a beautiful landscape.

Plant & Maintain Annual Flowers: Our team will plant and maintain annual flowers and continue to monitor those flowerbeds to control weeds and keep those flowers healthy and looking beautiful. 

If your Des Moines based business is interested in a combination of the above services being handled by our experienced team at Brilliant Borders, please call us today at 515-664-6205. We will work with you to understand your site management needs and create the perfect plan for your business!