Commercial Fertilization & Weed Control

Des Moines Commercial Weed Control & Fertilization Programs

Des Moines Commercial Fertilization & Weed Control

Des Moines has a wide variety of weather and soil types affecting your lawn, because of that there is not a standardized approach to handling all of your commercial weed control and fertilization needs. At Brilliant Borders, we work with you to better understand your needs and then develop a customized fertilization and weed control program. By fertilizing your lawn regularly, we can make sure it always has the needed nutrients that will promote a healthy, beautiful lawn that will wow any client coming to your business!

Examples of the weed control and fertilization plans we create.

  • Early Spring Application: Our early spring applications will help your green area roots be fed and it helps prevent weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. In addition, early spring applications help support your lawn in recovering from the depravation it experienced during the winter months.
  • Late Spring Application: Our late spring applications help eliminate crabgrass, dandelions and a variety of other weeds that will pop up.
  • Summer Application: By continuing to have your commercial lawn serviced during the summer, your lawn will get the needed nutrients that helps it fight against the stress of summer. Our team will also spot spray any unwanted weeds as we find them.
  • Fall Application: During your fall application, we will add in a heavy rate of fertilizer. This additional fertilizer promotes root growth and your roots will store nutrients to help them survive during the cold winter months. This step also helps your commercial lawn green up quicker than you’re used to in the spring.

If your organization has any questions about any of the commercial weed control and fertilization plans that we offer, please contact us today. We would enjoy learning more about your organization’s lawn care needs, so we can develop the perfect program for you. We look forward to speaking with you and your team soon!