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Posted on August 30, 2018 · Posted in Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care in Central Iowa

Every fall we get phone calls of homeowners and businesses’ that tell us their lawn is not looking so good. We understand. The periods of heavy rains, extreme heat, long droughts, more heavy rains, insects, grubs, pets and other things wreak havoc on our lawns in the Central Iowa area.

No need to worry. Believe it or not, your lawn is pretty resilient! With a few simple steps, you may get a national magazine calling to feature your home on their cover come mid-Spring. Ok, so maybe that last line is a stretch, but your lawn can and will recover quickly with these simple steps.

Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is probably the best thing you can do for your lawn in the fall. Lawn aeration is the process of pulling 2-3” plugs of thatch and soil out of the ground. You may also have heard it called coring, spiking or slicing. Most people refer to it as aeration.

Lawn aeration has many benefits; it allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots. In addition, it reduces soil compaction and helps the roots penetrate deeper into the soil, creating a healthier lawn.

Overseed Your Lawn

After aerating the lawn it is important to overseed the lawn. This will help any bare or thin areas get re-established and will also help with the deep green look in the Spring. In addition, overseeding will help give you the thick, lush lawn you have been looking for. Be sure to read the label and know what seed you are using to overseed. Not all grass seed is the same. You will want to match the current grass that you have in your lawn. If you live in Central Iowa you likely have a Kentucky bluegrass.

If you do these 2 simple steps, your lawn will quickly be on the road to recovery. Be sure that once your lawn is established, you take proper care with watering, weed control and fertilization. And as always, Brilliant Borders is here to help with any lawn care and landscaping needs in the Des Moines area or surrounding suburbs.